How does the lora module be properly wired to the adapter board?
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The level adapterboard is a very important auxiliary tool for the lora module. It can directlyconvert the level of different voltage interfaces to the standard USB level.With the series of digital trora modules, users can connect to the cable moreconveniently. The PC side performs operations such as configuration andcommunication. However, the level adapter board connection method will often bemistaken by the user , resulting in the level adapter board not workingproperly. Therefore, we use the lora6500Pro module as an example to demonstratehow the lora module is connectedto the level adapter board. (due to theinconsistency of the feet of each lora module, the wiring is different)

First, let'sbriefly introduce the connection principle of serial communication: the generalserial port is composed of four wires, GND (grounding pin), TX (transmittingpin), RX (receiving pin), VCC (power pin); GND is all wireless One pin must beconnected to the module; TX and RX need cross wiring; VCC pin depends on thesituation. When the power of the lora module is too large, the power of the USBport cannot supply the normal use of the lora module. This does not require aVCC power supply pin, as is the case with the lora6500pro module shown below.

Preparation tool

lora6500Pro module

SU108 series leveladapter board232/TTL485


(TTL Level adapterboard)                     485Level adapter board)             (232 Level adapter board)

Wiring method (thewiring port corresponds to different pin positions of the lora6500pro module, eachport of the wire connection is a different pin, so the order of the wires mustbe connected, otherwise the level adapter board cannot be used normally)Clearly show the corresponding position of each line, so a bare boardlora6500pro module is used to show you the correct wiring

The wiring sequence and pin position of the 232adapter board are as follows (the wiring order and pin position of TTL and 232are the same)

The white linecorresponds to the TXD pin, the yellow line corresponds to the RXD pin, theblack line is connected to the GND pin, the orange line is connected to the SETpin, and the green line is connected to the CS pin. (The specific definition ofthe foot can refer to the lora6500pro module specification)

485 adapter board wiring sequence and pin position areas follows

The black wire isconnected to the GND pin, the white wire is connected to the A+ pin, the yellowwire is the B-pin, the orange is first connected to the SET pin, and the greenis first connected to the CS pin. (The specific definition of the foot canrefer to the lora6500pro wireless module specification)

When the adapter board works normally?

When the userconnects the upper USB adapter board, simply short the upper shorting cap toenter the configuration mode. In this mode, the red and blue transceiverindicators of the lora6500pro module will be always on and the PC software canopen the port settings normally. If successful, the connection to the leveltransfer board fails.

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