Why there is a metal shield on lora module?
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Asthe most important part of the modern Internet of Things, the lora module isvery popular in the market. The types of lora modules are various. But have younoticed that most wireless modules come with a metal case? Also  you know what role this metal shell can playon the lora module?

Themetal casing on the lora module is called a shield. It is one of the hardwarefacilities of the lora module. Its main functions are divided into two:

1.Prevent the lora module from causing interference and radiation to the outsideworld; the greater the power, the greater the interference and radiationgenerated by the lora module, so adding a metal casing can reduce theseinterferences and radiation to a certain extent.

2.Shielding the outside world from causing interference to the lora module; inthe working environment of the wireless module, there are many complicatedinterference sources, such as the external electric field and the magneticfield, which are invisible and cannot interfere with the existence of thesource. However, after adding a shield to the lora module, these externalsources of interference can be well isolated.

Sowhat is the working principle of the shield?

Theshielding cover is used to surround the important functional components such asrelays, chips, single-chip microcomputers, and circuit boards that need to beprotected, thereby forming a protection ring, which can effectively prevent theradiation interference generated by the lora module from spreading to theoutside, and can also prevent external interference sources to the lora.whichmay interface the normal operation of the module creates interference.

Notefor the shield:

1.The shield is not a necessity. We can judge whether the lora module needs ashield according to the actual situation. For example, considering the cost,appearance, actual equipment usage, etc., it is judged whether a shield isrequired.

2.There are many factors to consider when using the shield, such as the size ofthe shield, the distance of the shield from the electronic components, thematerial of the shield, etc. These factors are very important; because theshield is designed If it is not ideal, it is likely to affect the performanceof the lora module. The shield on each wireless module is carefully designed byour hardware engineers, can shield most of the external interference, to ensurethe normal operation of the lora module.

Ingeneral, the shield is very important for the wireless module. First, it canimprove the anti-interference ability of the lora module. Second, the strongerthe anti-interference ability, the corresponding transmission distance of themodule will be increased, so the lora module plus a shield. The cover shell isstill very necessary. However, the shield is not a necessity for the wirelessmodule, which is clearly stated in the above notes. Finally, it is better to to choose the lora module with shield. After all,anti-interference ability is a very important performance parameter, but thespecific choice is based on actual requirements.

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