Lora module transmit power test
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Power is one ofthe most important parameters of the wireless module. The greater the power ofthe lora module, the farther the transmission distance is, but the higher thepower consumption is. Everyone knows how the lora module is tested for transmitpower at the factory. Today, NiceRF tells you how totest the output powerof  a lora module

1.     Preparationtool

lora1262 module


Product functiontest stand

Spectrum Analyzer

Lora1262 module test DEMO board

2.     Testprocess

2.1 Connect the DC power supplyto the product test stand, then set the DC power supply voltage to 5V.

2.2 Put the lora1262 wirelessmodule into the fixture of the product function test stand in the correctdirection.

2.3 Set the parameters ofmodule in the product functiontest stand and the DEMO board  the same .

2.4Observe whether the LEMO1262 wireless module DEMOboard indicator flashes alternately. If it is, it means the communication issuccessful, go to the next step; if not, it means the communication isunsuccessful, you need to reset the parameters or judge whether the wirelessmodule is good.

2.5After the communication is successful, observewhether the horizontal line above the spectrum analyzer is greater than thespecified qualified value and the two highest points are within the frequencyline to be qualified products.

3.     Precautions

1:The power connection betweenthe DC power supply and the test fixture cannot be reversed, and the DC powersupply voltage cannot be adjusted after setting..

2:The parameters of thespectrum analyzer cannot be changed after the parameter setting is completed..

3:Power supplyinstruments must be grounded reliably

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