The importance of a suitable power supply for a lora module
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The power supplyis a very important peripheral accessory for the lora module. Many userconcerns are mostly concentrated on the performance parameters of the wirelessmodule, so it is easy to ignore the power supply. NiceRF can tell you veryresponsibly that an inappropriate power supply will really affect the normaluse of the wireless module, and even lead to the expected effect.

The power supply voltage is too small

If the powersupply voltage is too small, the power of the lora module may not reach themaximum, which affects the transmission distance of the lora module. For example,the nominal supply voltage of the lora6500 wireless module is 12V. If only 5Vpower is supplied to the wireless module, the module must not be used normally.There was once a customer who had encountered such a thing. After the customerpurchased the sample and went back, no matter how the test was done, theexpected transmission distance could not be achieved. The customer thought thatthe quality of our product was problematic. Finally, after some inquiry andinspection, it was finally discovered. The customer's power supply voltage isonly 3.5V. After our engineers recommend replacing the working voltage with 5V,the problem will be solved.

Power supply voltage is too high

The power supplyvoltage is too high and it is easy to burn out the lora module. Because thecircuit design of the PCB of different lora modules will have a maximum currentvalue setting. If the maximum current value is exceeded, the upper circuit ofthe PCB board can easily burn out, resulting in the wireless module not workingproperly. According to NiceRF's years of product development experience, mostof the wireless module burnout is caused by excessive power supply voltage. Soin the process of using the lora module, the proper power supply is really veryimportant.

Power ripple

The power supplyripple is a phenomenon caused by the voltage fluctuation of the DC powersupply. Excessive power supply ripple will affect the normal use of thewireless module, which may result in unsatisfactory transmission of thewireless module, large interference, and even surge voltage , causing themodule to burn out. Power supply ripple is unavoidable. Even the best referencevoltage source device has rippled output voltage. So what we have to do is tocontrol the power supply ripple not to be too large, so it will not affect thewireless module. Normal use.

Seeing here,everyone understands how important a suitable power supply is for wirelessmodules. In short, in the process of using the wireless module, it is best touse the power supply according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Thecontent of today's article is over here. I hope that today's content can helpeveryone. If you have any other questions or suggestions, please feel free tocontact us.

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