Lora1280 module and lora1280F27 module parameter comparison
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The Lora1280wireless module and the lora1280F27 wireless module are 2.4g wireless modulesdeveloped by Sietech based on Semtech's SX1280 chip. Some customers have askedus about the difference between these two 2.4g wireless modules. So here wethink of wireless comparison of parameters, so that you can have a betterunderstanding of these 2.4g wireless modules, so choose a 2.4g wireless modulethat is more suitable for your project.

First, let'sbriefly introduce two products:


The LoRa1280 is ahigh-performance IoT wireless module in the long-distance 2.4GHz band. Itintegrates Semtech's high-performance RF chip SX1280. The module uses LoRamodulation mode and has a very high receiving sensitivity. The LoRa1280integrates the "time of flight" function to enable wireless ranging


The LoRa1280F27uses Semtech's SX1280 RF chip, with an external PA, and an output power of upto 500mW (27dBm). The operating frequency band is 2.4GHz. Lora modulation isused for better receiver sensitivity and interference immunity.


lora module









Receiving current



Emission current



Sleep current



Transmission rate



Transmission distance



From theparameters in the table, the output power of the lora1280 module is 12.5dBm,the receiving current is <10mA, the emission current is <60mA, and theoutput power of the lora1280F27 module is 27.0dBm, the receiving current is<17mA, and the emission current is <600mA (the power will be Affectingthe current parameters of the wireless module, the higher the power, thegreater the power consumption of the receiving and transmitting currents; thetransmission distance lora1280 is 1.7KM, the lora1280F27 is 4KM, and otherparameters such as sensitivity and transmission rate are the same. So we canknow from the parameter comparison that lora1280F27 is the power upgradeversion of the lora1280 module. So between the lora1280 and the lora1280F27,how do customers choose? In fact, the problem is very simple. When only thedistance of the lora1280 module does not reach the distance we need, we willchoose the lora1280F27.

Today's parametercomparison is over here. If you have any questions or are interested, pleasefeel free to contact us.

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