How is the wireless realizing transparent transmission?
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Wireless moduletransparent transmission is a kind of data transmission mode that we know well ,and it is also used in the market for more than one data transmission mode. Forexample, the wireless data transmission module ,SV series , is all wirelesstransparent transmission. The purpose of this article today is to let everyoneknow how wireless modules realizing transmitted transparent transmission, and Ihope to it be helpful to everyone.The officialdefinition means that transparent transmission should be able to transmit onthe link regardless of the bit combination of the transmitted data. When thecombination of bits in the transmitted data happens to be exactly the same as acertain control information, appropriate measures must be taken so that thereceiver does not mistake such data for some kind of control information. Thisensures that the data link layer transmission is transparent.

In simple terms,transparent transmission means that it is transparent to the user during thetransmission process, that is, you can't see its transmission network.Regardless of the data transmitted, I am only responsible for transmitting thedata to be transmitted to the destination node. The quality of the transmissionis ok without any processing of the transmitted data. For example, if we wantto send a courier, we only need to provide the address and the goods to thecourier, then the courier can send your goods to the other party, but how manystations, trains, couriers pass through, you don’t know, so The process ofpostal delivery is transparent. In summary, transparent transmission is a datatransmission method that is independent of the network medium, modulation anddemodulation method, transmission method, and transmission protocol.

Let's take a morevivid example: when we use QQ chat, the composition of QQ's chat information(the structure consists of text content, text color, text font and text size),when the information is transmitted from the sender to the receiver. At thereceiving end, the chat interface will display the same chat information on thesending end. This is the concept of wireless transparent transmission. The QQchat tool is only responsible for providing a transmission channel for us tocommunicate, and the content of the transmission will be sent to the otherparty intact.

What is thedifference between transparent transmission and non-transparent transmission?

Transparenttransmission, no matter what is transmitted, the wireless module device usedonly acts as a channel, and transmits the content to be transmitted to theother party exactly. Instead of transparent transmission, the transmitted dataneeds to be re-encoded and then sent. The receiving end must know the dataencoding algorithm to correctly parse the data.

Seeing here,everyone understands how the wireless module is transparently transmitted? Ifyou have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

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