Sk series switch usage precautions
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The SK series wireless switching module is one of themain wireless products, and has been popular in the market and has many users.Since the launch of this module, we have received a lot of feedback fromcustomers. Among them, due to improper operation of the customer, the damageand rework of the wireless switching module account for the majority. Inresponse to the above problems, NICERF here writes the precautions for the useof SK series modules, hoping to help you avoid some problems in the use process.

Relay voltage, current

The relay is anelectrical control device of the wireless switching module, which functions asa load carrying and control switch for the customer to remotely control theproduct. The relay has a very important point to note, that is, the loadvoltage of the relay cannot exceed 220V and the current cannot exceed 1A,otherwise the relay will burn out.

Module power supply

The power supplyof the SK series wireless switching module can not be directly supplied withpower exceeding 30V. If the power supply exceeds 30V, the voltage will be toohigh, causing the module to burn out. Once, there have been customers who havemade such mistakes.

Input signal voltage

The signal at theinput of the SK series wireless switching module can not be connected with highvoltage, only the dry contact can be connected (the contact of the switch cannot carry the electrical signal), otherwise the internal IC of the module willbe burned out with a high probability.


Be sure to installthe antenna when using the SK series wireless switch module. Even if it is onlya short test, install the antenna. Because the SK series module can't transmitthe signal when there is no antenna, it is very likely to cause the chip toburn out.

The above four arethe most likely to cause damage to the SK series wireless switch module. Paymore attention to it when you use it to avoid many problems. Finally, if youare still experiencing other problems that cannot be solved, please call us forwireless, telephone: +86-755-23080616.

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