What is a single and duplex wireless module?
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Recently, there iscustomer consultation, what is a simplex wireless transceiver module, and whatis the duplex wireless transceiver module? What is the difference between them?NiceRF here to answer this question for everyone.

What is a simplexwireless transceiver module:

The simplexwireless output module means that only data is transmitted in one directionwhen transmitting data; simply speaking, the wireless transceiver module is afixed transmitting end and is only responsible for transmitting; the otherparty is the receiving end and is only responsible for receiving, this is asingle Transfer. For example, the printers we all use are simplex wirelesstransmissions.

What is a duplexwireless transceiver module:

The duplexwireless transceiver module is further divided into two types, one is halfduplex and the other is full duplex, as follows:

Half duplex:

The half-duplexwireless transceiver module can transmitte data bidirectional . However, at thesame time, only data can be transmitted in one direction. We can understandhalf-duplex as a simplex transmission that can be switched. Most of thewireless transceiver modules that are considered wireless are half-duplextransmission modes.

Full duplex:

The full-duplexwireless transceiver module can allow data transmission in two directions atthe same time, and the full-duplex mode does not need to perform directionswitching. Therefore, there is no time delay caused by the switching operation,which is an interaction that cannot be delayed. Application projects are verysuitable, such as real-time monitoring systems and other applications.

According to thesimple introduction, we can clearly understand the difference between simplex,half-duplex and full-duplex. Simplex can only communicate in one direction.Half-duplex can not communicate in two-way at the same time. Full duplex iscapable of two-way communication at the same time.

Through simplecomparative analysis, the full-duplex wireless transceiver module isundoubtedly the best, and can simultaneously transmit and receive data, but thefull-duplex module cost is also very high, if not necessarily the applicationproject with no time delay. Generally, the full-duplex wireless transceivermodule will not be selected. The half-duplex wireless transceiver module ismore popular in the market because it is cheaper and can meet most of thecustomer needs, such as meter reading, data acquisition and other projects, thetime delay is a few seconds, is completely Things that can be received.

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