The higher the transceiver speed of the wireless module, the better
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Wireless modulesare the most important hardware in the Internet of Things and areirreplaceable. Therefore, when we choose the wireless module, the parameters ofeach item should be considered according to the actual situation of the application.

Many customersthink that when purchasing a wireless module, the higher the module'sparameters, the better the module's performance. This kind of opinion is wrong.The data level of each parameter is not equal to the performance of the module.The parameters of the module should be selected according to the actualsituation of the project. When it comes the transmission rate of the wirelessmodule, the higher the transmission rate, the better the performance?

First, let's firstunderstand what the wireless module's transmission rate is. The transmissionrate refers to the speed at which the wireless module transmits data. When thetransmission rate is higher, the transmission speed is faster, and more datacan be transmitted in a unit time. After such an understanding, do you still thinkthat the higher the transmission rate, the better? Infact, when the transmission rate is higher, the signal is more likely to beattenuated, resulting in a shorter transmission distance.

We use the actualtest report of the lora1262 wireless module as reference data:



Transmission rate












The data in thetable is the actual data of our engineers tested in the 107 National Road inBaoan District, Shenzhen. As can be seen from the table, in the case of otherparameters the same, the transmission rate of 0.8Kbps is more than double thetransmission rate of 9.5Kbps, which is also a good proof that the transmissiondistance is related to the rf data rate.

So, the higher thetransmission rate of the wireless module, the worse the performance? Thisstatement is also wrong. If we are in a short distance, the high-rate module isdefinitely better. If there is a distance requirement for the module, it isbetter to choose the appropriate module which speed  is relatively low.

As for how tochoose the transmission rate, user can only choose according to actualsituation. The other parameters are also important. It is important to choosethe right one.

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