What are the built-in antennas and external antennas of the wireless module
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he antenna is veryimportant for the wireless transceiver module, and its gain effect caneffectively help the communication distance and quality of the wirelesstransceiver module, so selecting the antenna is also an important matter. Thereare many types of antennas, all of which are divided into two types: internalantenna and external antenna. Then they are classified into spring antenna, FPCantenna, rod antenna, and suction cup antenna.

How do you distinguish between the built-in antennaand the external antenna?

Built-in antenna:The built-in antenna is usually soldered directly to the wireless transceivermodule and then embedded in the device together with the wireless transceivermodule. The appearance of such devices is generally relatively small, but maybe affect the reception of the signal slightly(generally does not affect theuse of the device). It is more suitable for applications in closed locations orwhere it is not possible to connect external antennas. Figure:


                                               Built-in antenna diagram

External antenna:The external antenna is generally connected to the wireless transceiver modulethrough a metal probe or signal extension cable. It is not directly soldered tothe device. Compared with the built-in antenna, the signal gain of the externalantenna will be better because of the external The antenna can be placed in thesky. Figure:


                                                (External antenna diagram)

So what is the difference between built-in antennasand external antennas?

The built-inantenna is mainly small, so in general built-in antennas are spring antennas,FPC antennas, and the like. Figure:

The external antenna has a small volume requirement,and is generally based on a rod antenna, a suction cup antenna, and an Yagiantenna.

The antenna for a wirelesstransceiver module should be chosen according to actual project conditions. The use of the built-in antennaand the external antenna is not absolute. First consideration must be given tothe actual application scenario. The antenna is one of the indispensable accessoriesof the wireless transceiver module. Choosing the right antenna can greatly helpthe project. The purpose of this paper is to distinguish the difference betweenthe built-in antenna and the external antenna, and providea guide to helpcustomers choose a suitable Antenna.

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