Star network and Lora-Mesh, SV-Mesh series What is the difference between wireless modules?
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What is thedifference between the lora-Mesh, SV-Mesh mode and the star network of thewireless module  This question, for thoseunfamiliar with the field of wireless communication, is really unclear aboutthe difference; therefore, All the questions are summarized here.

First of all, Iwill briefly introduce the working principle ofwireless mesh networking modeand star network.

Mesh networking mode:

Our wirelessmodules lora-Mesh and SV-Mesh are developed according to the Mesh networking .In the MESH networking mode,the wireless module can be configured into nodesand routers through different wireless modules, they form a MESH network as awhole to implement point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transmission. Thenode segment module configured as Node mode is similar to the standard. Therouter module is configured to forward data in the same network to solve theproblem that the transmission distance of a single point-to-point system isinsufficient in many practical applications, and there is no limit on thenumber of routers in the entire network. Specifically as shown below:

  (Mesh networking mode

Star network

A star network isa network in which a node is used as a central node, and other nodes aredirectly connected to a central node to form a star network. The central nodecan be a server or a connected device. It is responsible for receiving andtransmitting information with other node modules. Direct communication betweenother modules is not possible, and communication must be performed through thecentral node. Specifically as shown below:

Star network

The difference between Mesh networking mode and starnetwork:

From the briefintroduction above, we can directly understand that the two network workingmodes are completely different. The mesh networking mode is a networkarchitecture that can be extended indefinitely. Any two nodes can be wirelessmodules. Maintain uninterrupted contact, and the node and node can beone-to-one or one-to-many; and the star network is a connection mode between acentral node wireless module and multiple other nodes wireless modules, and othernode modules can only Communication with the central node module, thecommunication method is relatively simple ; but this is one of the advantagesof the star network, the structure is simple, the control is simple, thenetwork can be easily built and used, and the cost is relatively lower than theMesh networking mode.  However, the Meshnetworking mode is far superior to the star network in terms of transmissiondistance and structural flexibility, and at the same time has extremely highanti-interference.

If the applicationscenario is complex, the Mesh networking mode will be a good choice. If theproject is simple and cost-conscious, the star network may be more practical.In short, when choosing a wireless module, it must be considered according tothe actual situation,just choose a suitable one.

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