Lora module cleaning, maintenance techniques
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The lora module will go through several processes in the mass production process. The shieldcover of the module may have dust and debris, and the residue will have residuesuch as rosin. Keeping the module clean will  extend the life of the lora module andguarantee a good working condition.So, how we need to do to keep  lora module clean and beautiful?

How to clean thelora module?

The shield of thelora module is dusty, or after the antenna SMA head is soldered on the PCB ofthe module, some flux and rosin are left on the surface, which can be cleanedby using wash water (common name for circuit board cleaner). By doing so,loramodule can be clean.

1. Prepare specialmasks, rubber gloves, washing water, cotton swabs, etc., and put on masks andrubber gloves to take protective measures. (The washing water is easy toevaporate and has a pungent odor, and it is corrosive to the skin if onecontact it directly, so protective measures is necessary).

2. Use a cottonswab or paper towel to squeeze the bottle with the washing water. Wipe theresidue of the rosin with a cotton swab dipped in the appropriate amount ofwater. The cleaning of the shield can be wiped gently with a paper towel with aproper amount of water.

3. Place the cleanlora module in the designated box, and finally put it in the blister box andstore it neatly.

Maintenance skills

1. In order tomaintain the best working condition of the lora module radio, it should be notbe used in high temperature, humid, strong electromagnetic field environment;

2.Do not let thelora module radio continue to be in the TX state  , or  may burn out the transmitter.Do not plug in orpull the serial port under electrification , which may easy to damage thecommunication interface.

3.DC stabilized power supply, with lightning protection, overcurrentprotection,overvoltageprotectionshould be used.

The above is thecleaning, maintenance and repair skills of the lora module . When in use, payspecial attention to the above mentioned points.And ensure that the lora moduleis in the best working condition and the life of the module can be extended.

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