What the lora module can't connect to the computer
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The Lora module has been one of our flagship products, and we have received  good response in the market. However, somecustomers are not professional engineers, or they are not familiar with ourproducts, so in the process of using the lora module, there will always bevarious problems. Among them, the lora module can not connect to the computerwhen using the serial port to connect to the computer. So here

describe thewireless in detail for everyone to answer this question in detail.

The reason why the LoRa module can't connect to thecomputer and how to deal with it:

Before using theLora module, you must set the parameters on the PC to start using it. Manycustomers are setting parameters, but found that the lora module can not beconnected to the computer, can not modify the parameters, this can not be usednormally. Next, NiceRF uses the LoRa6102AES module as an example:

1. Connect themodule and serial part adapter board with 6PIN terminal cable, and plug the USBhead of the level adapter board into the USB port of the computer. If the double-colorlamp is not lit at this time, it may be poor connect. Check if the interface isplugged. it is good.

Solution: Checkthe interface and make sure that the double-color light is still off after theconnection. You can try another lora module. If the double-color light ofanother lora module is bright, then the first lora module may be bad, thencontact NiceRF. We will  make replacementor repair.

2. If the dodule isplugged into the USB port, the indicator is always on. After the NiceRF_LoraAESparameter configuration software is opened and the COM port is selected, the PCinterface parameters are gray and cannot be modified. At this point, weconsider that the COM port is not selected correctly.

Solution: Checkthe COM port, view the COM port through Device Manager - Port (COM and LPT),and select the correct COM port.

After selectingthe COM port, click PC interface OPEN, the PC can read the parameterinformation of the connected LoRa module, and display the corresponding modeland version information. At this time, the lora module can be successfullymodified to modify the parameters.

The reasons mentioned above is why thesetwo lora modules can't connect to the computer which is the situation that mostcustomers encounter. If the lora module can't connect to the computer with theabove method, and can't modify the parameters, you can contact with ourcompany. Our company will let the professional engineers help you solve theproblem. . If you encounter other problems during the process, please feel freeto contact with us.

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