30W high power lora modulehardware analysis
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NiceRF hasrecently developed a 30W super power lora module: loraP30pro. When the productcomes on the market, many customers have responded to our company, why theprice of this lora module is so expensive? The reason for this, please see below.

The most expensivepart of the LoraP30pro module is its hardware design, which is also the mostvaluable part of the entire module design, as shown in the figure:

  1. 1.    Thepower supply part adopts the US imported IC , which has the characteristics ofwide power supply and high current, and has the function of reverse connectionprotection and protection circuit.

  2. 2.    Adoptimported power amplifier module, high efficiency and good stability.(expensive)

  3. 3.    Thecirculator can protect the large standing wave signal without the antenna fromburning the power amplifier module to improve stability. (expensive)

  4. 4.    RS485isolation circuit can completely isolate the system from external signals,which can avoid the complex electromagnetic interference affecting thestability of the system.

  5. 5.    Built-inhigh-performance RF IC and DSP processing chip and hardware watchdog IC, doubleprotection to prevent system crash

  6. 6.    Sincethe power of the loraP30pro module is up to 30W, a suitable metal case heat sinkis required. There is no universal cooling solution on the market, so wecontacted the relevant manufacturers to customize a special radiator for thismodule, which makes the cost increase.

loraP30 module considerations

  1. 1.    TheloraP30 module can be configured to be compatible with the modules of severallora data transmission series of our company.

  2. 2.    TheloraP30 module is a high-power module. If you use the adapter board to connectto the PC serial port to send and receive data, you need to provide additionalpower to the module. (The power supply is best to use 24V 5A or more power,otherwise it will not be able to drive the module!

  3. 3.    Beforeusing the loraP30 module is used, the transmitting and receiving terminals mustbe connected to the antenna, otherwise the power amplifier module may be burnedout. (The power amplifier module is expensive, please be careful)

  4. 4.    Thecommunication antenna is best to choose our high-gain large suction cup antennaand directional Yagi antenna. The LoraP30Pro can achieve best performance withthose two antenna .

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