The difference between SK108,SK109,SK509 wireless switch modules
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K108, SK109 andSK509 are industrial-grade remote wireless four-way switch control modules,which provide four-way signal input and four-way control output interface. Ithas simple interface and reliable operation. Users can also modify the relevantparameters of the module  by air with thefriendly PC interface.

K108, SK109, SK509difference

1. Thetransmission power is different. SK108 transmits power 1W, SK109 transmitspower 1.5W, SK509 transmits power 5W;

2. The workingvoltage is different. The operating voltage of SK108 and SK109 is 9~18V, andthe working voltage of SK509 is 9~30V.

3. The receivingcurrent is different. SK108 receives current <200mA, SK109 receives current<300mA, SK509 receives current <2A;

4. The workingfrequency is different. The operating frequency of the SK108 and SK109switching modules is 433/470/868/915MHz, and the SK509 is 433/470MHz.

5. Transmissiondistance: SK108 transmission distance is 2.5 kilometers, SK109 transmissiondistance is 3.2 kilometers, and SK509 transmission distance is 7 kilometers (inan open environment).

The parameters ofthe transmission current, receiving sensitivity, channel, modulation mode, andvolume of the SK108, SK109, and SK509 switching modules are the same.

For user, how tochoose the appropriate switch module?     

According to theactual situation of the appliaction , we choose the most suitable switch module. For example, our is in the EU countries, but we have chosen SK509 with theworking frequency of 433/470MHZ, which is undoubtedly wrong. If user need alonger transmission,then the Sk509 may be a good choice.In a word ,whenchoosing a proper module, the transmission ,power,frequency are  should always beconsidered.

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