The difference between lora1262 module and lora1268 module
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The lora1268module is a new lora module product developmeed by NiceRF. It belongs to thesame series of products as our lora1262 module, so they will have manyidentical part. It may be difficulty for customers  to distinguish the difference and choose one.The purpose of this paper is to provide customers with more product informationso that customers can choose the right module.

First, let'sbriefly introduce the lora1262/1268 module product.


The LoRa1262wireless module uses Semtech's SX1262 chip, which uses a high-precision TCXOcrystal oscillator, ultra-low receive current and sleep current, andsensitivity of -148dBm. Built-in 64KHz crystal oscillator can wake up themicrocontroller periodically with low power consumption. The module antennaswitch is integrated and controlled by the chip, which saves the resources ofthe external MCU. The compact size and 22dBm (160mW) output power have greatadvantages in IoT and battery-powered applications.

lora1268 module

The LoRa1268wireless module uses Semtech's SX1268 device for ultra-low receive current andsleep current with -148dBm sensitivity. Built-in 64KHz crystal oscillator canwake up the microcontroller periodically under low power consumption. Themodule antenna switch is integrated and controlled by the chip, which saves theresources of the external MCU. The compact size and 22dBm (160mW) output powerhave great advantages in IoT and battery-powered applications.

The difference between the Lora1262/1268 modules

  1. 1.    Chip

The chip used in the lora1262 isthe SX1262, while the chip used in the lora1268 is the SX1268.


The lora1262 module is a highprecision TCXO crystal, while the lora1268 module is an ordinary passivecrystal. The difference between the two crystal oscillators can be referred to

  1. 3.    Workingfrequency

The Lora 1262 module operates at 868/915 MHz, while the lora1268 moduleoperates at 433/490 MHz. When buying, pay attention to the frequency. Differentworking frequencies are different in each country. For more details, please visit:

4.tramsmission current and receivingcurrent

1tramsmission current

The tramsmission current of lora1262 is 130mA, and thetramsmission current of lora1268 is 110mA.

2Receiving current

The receiving current of the lora1262 is 6.5mA, andthe emission current of the lora1268 is 5mA.

     (Because the lora1262module is a TCXO crystal, the receiving current will be a little larger thanthe lora1268)

Some customers have a wonder that compatibilityof the two modules. Infact,the hardware interface is compatible, but the code needs to be slightlymodified. The difference between the lora1262 module and sx1268 modules isorganized here, I hope to help everyone, If you have anyquestions, please feel free to contact with us.

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