Analysis of the principle of 20-way high-speed concurrent gateway
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NiceRF announced the new products (20-way high-speedconcurrent  system ). We take around morethan 1 year to develop this system. It include the gateway and nodes. It hasmuch more advantage than LoRaWAN.

The 20-way high-speed concurrent gateway is the latestgateway product of our company. The product adopts wireless self-organizingnetwork system. The RF modules ( wireless module of NiceRF) is used. The systemuses multi-channel frequency hopping technology, which consists of a gatewayand several nodes. It is a high-speed data transmission system. In thereceiving end, the gateway can receive 20 channels of wireless data at the sametime, summarize it to the serial port and output it to the computer. Thetransmitting end automatically selects the idle channel transmission throughcarrier monitoring. The system can allow up to 20 transmitters tosimultaneously transmit data without mutual interference. So how does the20-way gateway receive 20 channels of wireless data at the same time? How doyou make 20 transmitters transmit data at the same time without interferingwith each other? How are these principles implemented?

How to receive 20 channels ofwireless data at the same time?

                                 (20-waygateway receiver schematic)

As shown in the figure, there are 20 different channelreceiving modules in the gateway. After receiving the data transmitted by 20node modules at the same time, the 20 modules will summarize and output 20channels of data by the serial port array.

After the 20 channels of data are merged into one way,they are output to the computer server through the serial port (the TTL levelinterface to the USB interface is for the convenience of the user). The systemalso supports two-way communication, and the gateway can also send data to thenode. The TX module in the above figure is the gateway used to send data to thenode module. Moreover, the internal hardware circuit and internal layout of thegateway can ensure good transmission power and receiving sensitivity. Inaddition, an indicator light is provided for the user to observe the workingstate of 20 channels.

How do I get20 transmitters to send data at the same time without interfering with eachother?

Two different sources are transmitted on the samechannel at the same time and will interfere with each other, resulting in nodata being received. Therefore, the wireless communication module can generallyonly do one-to-one or one-out. The 20-way gateway is used to realize theconcurrency of multiple modules. The gateway system applies the principle thatdifferent channels in the wireless communication field do not interfere witheach other, and the transmitting channel of the transmitting end is staggered,thereby achieving multiple transmission and reception of the transmitting end.

              (Transmitterflow chart)

Before transmitting data, the channel state of randomtimes is detected first. If the channel is detected to be idle every time, datacan be sent; if any channel is detected to be occupied any time, the channel isimmediately switched to the next channel, and channel detection is repeatedagain until a channel is found. Until the idle channel.

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