What is the difference between wireless modules with an MCU and without an MCU?
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MCU English full name Microcontroller Unit,translated into Chinese is called micro control unit, which is what we oftencall the microcontroller. MCU is an integrated circuit chip that integrates thefunctions of central processing unit CPU, random access memory RAM, counter,USB, A/D conversion, UART, etc. with data processing capability into a siliconchip by using VLSI technology. A small and sophisticated microcomputer systemthat provides different controls in different applications. The MCU acts as theprocessor and the main controller in the field of wireless modules.

When our customers purchase our wireless modules, they will ask us a question. What is the difference between a wirelessmodule with an MCU and a wireless module without an MCU?

The wireless module without MCU is calledwireless front-end module in our company. The module can not be used alone.Users need to write programs to drive this module. The wireless module withoutMCU is convenient for customers to write program control, which is beneficialto customers on the existing basis. On the second development.


                                                                                     (Wirelessfront end module)

Ourwireless data transmission module has MCU, the control program in the modulehas been written by our company and burned into the MCU, so the wireless modulewith MCU can directly send and receive communication, without the help of othertools, it is very trouble-free. Convenient, it is more suitable for somecustomers who do not have a good development team.


                                                                                           (Wirelessdata transmission module)

Whether it is awireless front-end module without MCU or a wireless data transmission modulewith MCU, we have a complete product guarantee system and high-qualitytechnical support services. Please feel free to choose our products. If youhave any questions or are interested in our company, please feel free tocontact us.

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