How does the DMR828, DMR858 walkie-talkie module connect to the Arduino with a TTL interface?
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DMR828 and DMR858 walkie-talkie modules are two cost-effective full-featured digital walkie-talkie modules developed by our company. The power is 2W and 5W respectively. They are compatible with the analog analog walkie-talkies on the market and support UHF, VHF and 350. jobs. The module integrates microcontroller, digital intercom chip, RF power amplifier and audio amplifier. The customer only needs external power supply, speaker and other devices to work as a small digital walkie-talkie with 16 frequency channels.

DMR828 and DMR858 walkie-talkie modules are used by many customers. Many customers have asked a question about these two walkie-talkie modules. How do DMR828 and DMR858 walkie-talkie modules use TTL interface to connect to Arduino?

Here, we will answer everyone's question in unison.

The data interface of our design DMR828 and DMR858 walkie-talkie module is USB port, but there are many customers who need to connect Arduino with TTL interface. In fact, this problem is not complicated. Arduino board usually has a TTL serial port. We can The TXD and RXD pins of the DMR828 and DMR858 walkie-talkie modules are connected to the TXD and RXD pins of the Arduino board, so that the DMR828 and DMR858 modules can be connected to the Arduino board through the TTL interface.

Our company not only produces full-featured digital walkie-talkie modules of DMR series, but also produces SA series of highly integrated professional analog walkie-talkie modules. In the field of walkie-talkie modules, we have the most extensive experience and the most professional engineers, and also provide customers with ODM project, if you have any needs or problems in the field of walkie-talkie modules, please contact us.

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