Effect of temperature on LoRa modules
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With the continuous development of the Internet of Things, the LoRa module is gradually applied to all walks of life, and the working environment is also different, especially in the industrial field, the environment is even worse. But do you know? Temperature has an absolute impact on the operation of the LoRa module.

First of all, we all know that human beings can't work normally or even die at very low or very high temperatures. In fact, LoRa modules are the same as ours, and have a certain temperature tolerance range. If it is in a very high temperature working environment, and the LoRa module itself will generate a certain amount of heat, some electronic components on the module may be burned out, causing the LoRa module to be damaged and unable to work normally. If it is at a very low temperature, it may cause the LoRa module to crash directly and cannot be used. Just as the mobile phone is below zero degrees Celsius outside, it will cause the shutdown phenomenon.

There is also a case where it is assumed that the LoRa module transmits at a normal temperature of 1000 meters, but the working environment is at a low temperature or a high temperature, and the transmission distance may not reach the normal transmission distance, which is also the influence of temperature on the LoRa module. One. In the case of low temperature and high temperature, there may be problems such as errors in the operating frequency of the wireless module and a decrease in speed.

Therefore, when we choose the wireless module, we must choose according to our actual environment. Shenzhen Siwei Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. is a very big advantage in the field of high and low temperature working environment of LoRa module. You can check the high and low temperature test of our products. The frequency deviation at 433HMz will not exceed ±5KHz. The specific connection is as follows :http://www.nicerf.cn/news_86_402.html. Our LoRa modules generally have a working environment temperature of -40 ~ +85 °C, which is already in the leading position in the industry.

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