Why are the wireless transmission times of different versions of LoRa data transmission modules different?
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The wireless LoRa series digital transmission module is widely used in industrial data acquisition and access control systems due to its strong anti-interference and long-distance communication transmission, and has been recognized by users. Users who frequently pay attention to these versions of the LoRa series modules may find that the wireless transmission time of different versions of the LoRa data transmission module is different. Why?

Thinking about wireless delay time is explained as follows:

1. LoRa series: It is based on the most basic transmission in LORA modulation mode. In addition to the data content, it needs to be added: preamble, synchronization word, checksum, CRC and other packet structure processing;

2, LoRa_AES series: In the above basic content, the AES encryption part is additionally added, and the transmission time will be relatively extended;

3, LoRa_MESH series: the part of the Mesh function is added to the LoRa series, and the transmission time will be slightly longer than the standard;

4, LoRa_Pro series: can be configured into the above 3, so the delay time will depend on the settings.

Users can choose the appropriate working mode according to the actual needs of the project. In addition, we recommend to choose a new customer to choose LoRa_Pro series products, this product is the latest upgraded version of the network wireless data transmission module, this module software is designed as an all-in-one way, users can configure modules in PC work Switch in mode.

LoRa610Pro wireless networking module

The LoRa_PRO series modules have different functions in different working modes. For example, in the MESH mode, the relay module has the function of automatic relaying, and the user can form a network without blind zone without distance limitation by means of multi-module combination. transmission. At the same time, users can also encrypt AES128 wireless data through PC software or serial port instructions, making data transmission more secure.

The above is the difference between the wireless transmission time of different versions of the LoRa data transmission module. The more the function, the longer the transmission time will be longer than the standard. When you use the lora series digital transmission module in the project plan, if you encounter technical problems. Questions can be consulted by our technical staff, professional technical support team to provide quality service to each user.

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