What are the factors that affect the transmission distance of the lora module?
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When we buy the lora module, in addition to the quality of the product, the most concern is the transmission distance of the lora module, but we often go to the test distance after purchasing the product, there is no manufacturer test. Far away, there will definitely be a feeling that some people will feel pitted in the factory. In fact, the general factory test is generally to the open space for testing, and the open space has little effect on the transmission of the lora module, so the tested distance Generally far away, and the environment we tested has many factors, so the transmission distance is shortened when we actually test. What factors caused the transmission distance of the lora module to be shortened?  


    1. Architecture

    In the environment we tested, there must be a lot of buildings, and the reinforced concrete in the building has a certain signal barrier, so the signal from our lora module is passing through the walls of the first floor, the signal will continue The weakening, so the transmission distance of the wireless module will continue to shorten.

    2. Metal

    The metal has a shielding effect on the signal emitted by the lora module (for example, in the elevator, all wireless transmission means that the signal is lost or the signal is weakened). If there is a lot of metal in the test environment, the transmission of the lora module will be generated. Great impact.

    3. Weather

    In bad weather, the transmission distance of the lora module will be greatly reduced (we see on TV that it is impossible to wirelessly transmit due to inclement weather)

    4. Transmitting power

   When we test, if we find that the test distance is shortened, we may increase the transmission power. The larger the transmission power, the farther the transmission distance is, but it is also susceptible to interference, so we should consider it according to our actual site.

    5. Receive sensitivity

    The higher the sensitivity, the farther the receiving distance

    6. Antenna

    The antenna plays an important role in the transmission distance of the lora module. Antenna gain has always been a hard indicator of the antenna. The larger the antenna gain, the larger the signal coverage and the longer the transmission distance. There are many people who think that the higher the antenna gain, the better. However, depending on the scenario used and the condition of the product itself, the conditions of each product of the lora module are inconsistent.

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