Wireless network multi-point acquisition system---how to modify parameters wirelessly
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NiceRF Wireless (ShenZhen)  Technology Co., independently developed awireless network multi-point acquisition system. The system adopts wirelessnetworking mode for temperature, voltage acquisition and real-time monitoring.The system is divided into acquisition terminal and centralized terminal. section.The modules used in the two parts are si4463 wireless modules independentlydeveloped by NiceRF. Each network consists of one centralized terminal and 64measuring terminals (can be extended to 3000 measuring terminals). The sameenvironment can allow 40 networks to exist simultaneously.

The wireless network multi-point acquisition systemconsists of 40 networks. Each network has one centralized terminal and 64measurement terminals. In order to ensure that each network works normally anddoes not affect each other, we will use each network. The centralized end setsa Net ID to stagger the frequency and distinguish (the NET ID is different, thefrequency is different, there is no way to communicate), and the measurementend sets the Net ID that matches the set. For example: Network 1, set thecentralized ID: Net1, then the network ID of the 64 measuring endscorresponding to Net1 is set to Net1-1, Net1-2...Net1-64. Network 2, set thecentralized ID: Net2, then the network IDs of the 64 measuring endscorresponding to Net2 are set to Net2-1, Net2-2, ... Net2-64. And so on, alwaysset to the network 40. Below we will introduce how to modify the parameters ofthe gateway and the network settings of the measurement terminal through theconfiguration software on the PC side, hoping to help everyone.

1.Modifythe parameters of the gateway

As shown in the figure, the model parameters in thefigure are used for the user to name the number; the Net ID parameter: modifiedto a new ID, there are two buttons SET and READ on the lower right side of thefigure, where the SET button: setting execution, READ: reading Take theparameters of the measuring end module

2.Measurement network settings

First select the centralized end ID correspondingto the measurement end, then enter the old ID of the measurement end module inthe Old Net ID: 1, then enter the new ID 2 of the measurement end module in theNew Net ID and New Node ID respectively, and finally click the SET button.carry out.

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