What is the difference between a transparent transmission digital radio station and a non-transparent transmission digital radio station
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Digital radio is also called wireless data transmission module. It has the advantages of convenient installation, flexible networking structure, strong diffraction capability, long coverage and low cost. It is suitable for complex geographical environment, many points and scattered scenes. It can be used with RTU, PLC , Rain gauge, liquid level gauge and other data terminal connections.


The transparent transmission of the digital transmission radio is that the data received from the data serial port of the transmitting terminal of the digital transmission radio will be output from the data serial port of the receiving terminal without change. In the transparent transmission of the digital transmission radio station, the radio usually does not recognize the content of the transmitted data.


At present, most data collection and control systems use transparent transmission data transmission radio stations. Any data appearing on the transparent data transmission radio station 485 bus will be sent to the air by the data transmission radio station. In some application scenarios, the 485 bus will be connected. With multiple devices, some data is internal data between the devices and does not need to be sent to the air by the digital radio station. At this time, the digital radio station will recognize the data on the 485 bus, and the data will be sent to the air for certain specific formats, which does not conform to the format. The data will be discarded.


The non-transparent transmission data transmission radio station requires the customer to provide related serial port data format, which is usually customized.


Our company's digital radio stations have completely independent core intellectual property rights, and can provide customers with universal transparent digital radio stations and customized non-transparent digital radio stations.

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