Congratulations that Lora1280F27/Lora1281F27 2.4GHz RF Module passed FCC&CE Certification
Date:2020/7/20 15:22:52   Browse:0

LoRa1280F27/1281F27 is 2.4G wireless transceiver module. This module use SX1280/SX1281 Chip from Semtech. And we add RF amplifier to get higher output power and longer range. It is LoRa modulation with maximum 500mW ( 27dBm ) output power. This wireless module has good sensitivity and good ant-interference. Also Lora1280F27 can measure the range between the transmitter and receiver.


LORA1280F27/LORA1281F27 module has been tested by the European Union CE and the American FCC Certification authority, both modules passed the measurement of safety, environmental protection, hygiene, and other indicators and obtained the CE certification issued by the EU Certification authority and the FCC certification issued by the US Certification authority. Not only obtains the sales pass to enter the European Union market and the American market, but also improves our company's requirements for product quality in the international market.

NiceRF has been adhering to the spirit of independent innovation for many years and insisting on the development strategy of winning the market with quality. The appreciation and trust of customers is the driving force for our company to move forward and never stop.

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