Welcome Hubei employees to return to the big family
Date:2020/4/8 11:26:18   Browse:0

With the improvement of China ’s new crown epidemic, Hubei has been gradually unblocked in March, and Wuhan has officially announced the closure on 2020.4.8 today. This is very exciting news; Wuhan has been closed for 77 days. Today it finally ushered in a restart, let us shout loudly: Long time no see, Wuhan!

At the same time, our Hubei employees: Hu Long and Gao Ailan also officially returned to work. They arrived in Shenzhen at the end of March. The two of them arrived at Shenzhen and separated themselves at home for 14 days. After testing negative for nucleic acids, they officially returned to work today. post. We are very happy and very happy to see them return without incident, making our extended family complete.

Finally, we eagerly hope that the global epidemic will end quickly. At the same time, we pay tribute to the medical staff, staff, and volunteers who are working on the front line of the epidemic. You are the greatest; , You will always live in our hearts.

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