Lora1278.1276.1280.1281 module passed RoHs certification
Date:2019/7/9 14:42:16   Browse:0

On June 20th, 2019, our company applied to MORLAB (Moore Labs) for our LoRa1276-C1-868 module, LoRa1276-C1-915 module, LoRa1278-C1-433 module, LoRa1278-C1-490 module, LoRa1280. The module and LoRa1281 module perform RoHs certification test. On July 1, 2019, it was officially confirmed by MORLAB. The above application for LoRa module was officially approved by RoHs.

The test is mainly divided into three parts: XRF spectral screening test, chemical test, test results and sample description. Please refer to the attachment for detailed RoHs certification data content.

LoRa1278.1276.1280.1281 RoHs2.0 Report.pdf

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