May Day Labor Day holiday notice
Date:2019/4/23 13:51:21   Browse:0

Dear colleagues, customers:

In May 1919, May Day Labor Day is coming soon. In order to facilitate everyone to arrange work and holiday life in advance, according to the Notice of the General Office of the State Council on the 2019 Holiday Arrangement, the company's May Day Labor Day holiday arrangement is hereby notified as follows:

May 1st - May 4th holiday, a total of four days. May 1st is a legal holiday.

Going to work normally on April 28 (Sunday) and May 5 (Sunday)

Colleagues who need to go out should raise their awareness of safety precautions. During the holidays, colleagues must keep their mobile phones open.

Note: During the holiday period, only orders will not be shipped, purchase consultation and after-sales processing, and will be shipped and replied after normal work on May 5.

I wish you all a happy holiday.

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