Why LoRa modules are preferred in long-range complex environments
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   The continuous development of the Internet of Things has enabled wireless transmission methods to gradually replace wired communication methods. In some projects, due to the long distance required for communication and the special geographical environment such as mountains, lakes and forest areas, wireless transmission is required. In a complex environment with a long communication distance, the LoRa module is generally preferred for long-distance transmission communication. Why?

   First, the LoRa module has strong anti-interference and long transmission distance.

   In some projects, due to the complex geographical environment and the long distance of communication, it is considered that the transmission distance of common modules is not far enough, and there are many interferences and obstacles in the complex environment, and the transmission distance of LoRa module can be 5~15 km. Solving the problem of long distances in complex environments, and LoRa itself has strong anti-interference characteristics, so it is very suitable for complex environments.

   Second, the receiving sensitivity is high

   The receiving sensitivity of the LoRa module is as high as -139dBm. In practical projects, it can be used in applications where long-distance transmission is required and reliability is extremely high.

   Third, low power consumption

   One of the advantages of the LoRa module is low power consumption. We all know that the general module is difficult to achieve both communication distance and low power consumption. LoRa module can be used to achieve ultra-long-distance transmission under low power consumption. Especially in some applications that require battery power, the advantage of the wireless LoRaF30 module is less than 10uA, which is more energy-efficient in battery-powered devices.

   Fourth, good expansion

   After a user group establishes a communication network, new devices are often added because of the system needs. If the wired method is used, it needs to be re-wired, the construction is troublesome, and it may damage the original communication line. However, if the LoRa module is used to establish a dedicated wireless data transmission method, only the newly added equipment is connected to the wireless data transmission station. It is possible to achieve a system expansion, in contrast to better scalability.

    Compared with wired communication, the wireless communication technology of LoRa module has the advantages of good adaptability, good expandability, low cost and short engineering cycle. It does not need to install cables or five cable trenches, which saves manpower and material resources and can be stable in complex environments. Reliable data transmission enables various devices to work properly, thus becoming the preferred module for users in complex environments.

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