How to use the LoRa module How long can the communication distance be transmitted?
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    LoRa technology occupies an important position in the development of the Internet of Things. Because it is easy to build and deploy, it has become a popular network communication technology for Internet of Things. In recent years, due to the leading position of LoRa technology maturity, LoRa transmission distance, low power consumption and strong anti-interference characteristics make LoRa modules widely used. Today, I will share with you how the LoRa wireless module can be used, and how far the communication distance can be transmitted, and whether it can solve the problem of ultra-long-distance communication in a complex environment.

   How to use the LoRa module

  The following is an example of the wireless LoRa610AES wireless data transmission module, which details how the module is wired and how to configure the parameters.


Step 1: After we get the module, first solder the 6PIN terminal wire to the correct contact of the module. Note: The soldering temperature of the soldering iron should not exceed 340oC, and the soldering time of each pin should not exceed 2S.


Step 2: After the soldering is completed, connect the other end of the terminal line to the level adapter board of the corresponding interface, and plug the USB head of the level adapter board into the USB port of the computer to connect to the PC end.


Step 3: Download and install the USB driver and PC configuration software

Step 4: At this time, the lora wireless module switches to the configuration mode (the short-circuit cap is short-circuited to the configuration mode, and the short-circuit cap is removed for communication mode).

Step 5: Double-click to open the PC configuration software parameter configuration software. The PC interface is as follows:


Step 6: Right click on the computer - Device Manager - Port (COM and LPT) View the COM port, which can be seen as COM4;

Step 7: Select the corresponding COM port. After clicking OPEN, the PC will read the parameter information of the connected module and display the corresponding model and version information in the window. The PC interface after the module is successfully connected is as follows:


Step 8: Modify the relevant parameters of the module through the PC interface, such as: working frequency band, transceiver channel, air communication rate, transmission power; serial port baud rate, data bit, stop bit, parity check bit; NET ID, NODE ID, etc. Click the SET button to set the module, and set the successful PC software to pop up the OK prompt dialog box.

The above is the use of the wiring and configuration parameters of the LoRa wireless module, I hope to provide some useful methods for users.

How far can the LoRa wireless module communicate distance?

The communication distance of the LoRa wireless module is affected by factors such as the use environment, transmission power, sensitivity, and interference. Therefore, the communication distances of modules of different powers are different in different environments. The LoRa module can reach a communication distance of more than 8 kilometers, which can solve the problem of ultra-long-distance communication in complex.

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