What are the key points to consider when choosing the right LoRa module?
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   With the continuous development of the Internet of Things communication technology, the LoRa module has become more and more perfect. The wireless remote meter reading project and irrigation project at home and abroad are all controlled by LoRa module. Below and analyze the choice of the appropriate LoRa wireless module, we need to consider which points to help the customer choose the appropriate module.

   First, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference

   Strong anti-interference is one of the advantages of LoRa wireless module. Because LoRa module adopts LoRa wireless spread spectrum technology, it has high receiving sensitivity -139dBm, which has better penetrating power than traditional GFSK and FSK modules, and can greatly reduce the number of gateways. And construction costs.

   Second, the transmission distance is far

    In complex environments such as mountain jungles and lakes, industrial control often requires communication distances to be long. With a transmission distance of more than 5,000 meters, the LoRa module can solve the problem of low power consumption and long distance, and is suitable for projects requiring wireless meter reading and industrial control.

   Third, low power consumption

   This is one of the main considerations of the selection module. In order to save energy and reduce heat, thus extending the service life of the product, this is especially important for devices that require battery power. Wireless products that operate from batteries need to be considered for charging, replacing, or designing long-life power supplies. Perhaps replacing the battery may not seem important, but when the customer has thousands of devices, the resources and subsequent costs will become very important. Choosing a low-power LoRa module is of great significance in saving energy and extending product life.

   The above are the three points to consider when choosing the right LoRa wireless module. The following is a LoRa-C1 LoRa wireless module that is very practical, long-distance transmission, low power consumption and strong anti-interference. The module operates at 433/490MHz (customizable 137-525 MHZ) with sensitivity up to -139dBm. @Lora, the maximum output power of 100mW, is often used in remote meter reading, industrial control, health monitoring, toy control, home automation telemetry and other fields. This module has stable and reliable performance and is favored by customers.

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