SV611 Wireless module tutorial
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   We have made a video tutorial for SV611 wireless module for users today. We will use text + image to explain each step step by step. Finally, we will attach a video link, hoping to help the users.

    First Step

    Connect the 6PIN terminal line connection module of the SV611 wireless module to the level adapter board of the corresponding interface.


    Second Step

    Go to the official website to download the PC configuration software corresponding to the SV611 wireless module, and install the software.






   Third Step

   Plug the USB connector of the level adapter board into the computer BSB interface link PC


   Fourth Step

   Open PC configuration software


 After the PC software is opened, click to open the corresponding COM port (can be viewed under Device Manager). The PC will read the parameter      information of the     connected module and display the corresponding model and version information in the window, and display it in the status bar below. "Device Found!" information. When the   device is unplugged or there is no response, the status bar below displays the message "Device Not Found!", and the product information box above becomes gray invalid.     The  PC interface after the module is successfully connected is shown below:


  After the module is properly connected, the module is in the "settable parameters" state. The user can modify the relevant parameters of the module through the PC interface.


  Video link:

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