2019 NiceRF Qingming Festival notice
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According to the Notice of the General Office of the State Council of China on Some Holiday Arrangements for 2019

The Qing Ming Festival holiday is April 5th to 7th (2019), so we will have three days of vacation and will return to work on April 8th (Monday).

All orders during our holiday period will be issued on or after April 8.


Qing Ming Festival(One of the four traditional festivals in China

The Ching Ming Festival, also known as the Green Festival, the Qing Festival, the March Festival, the Ancestor Festival, the festival is the intersection of Zhongchun and Hunchun. Qingming has both natural and humanistic connotations, which are both natural and traditional festivals. The Ching Ming Festival is a traditional major spring festival festival. It is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. It is not only conducive to promoting filial piety, awakening family memory, but also promoting the cohesiveness and identity of family members and even the nation. sense. The Qingming Festival integrates the natural solar terms with the humanities and customs. It is the unity of the heavens and the earth, fully embodying the harmonious integration of the ancestors of the Chinese nation in pursuit of "the heavens, the earth and the people", paying attention to the natural conditions and following the laws of nature. thought of. The festivals of the Ching Ming Festival are rich, and the worship of the tombs and the outings are the two major rituals of the Ching Ming Festival. These two traditional rituals and themes have been passed down from ancient times in China.

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