Wide voltage & Small size 2W LoRa wireless network module LoRa6200pro is coming soon
Date:2020/11/9 15:52:42   Browse:0

NiceRF launched the new module : LoRa6200Pro.

The highlight of this module is :

1. It is a small-size, wide-voltage wireless communication module.

2. It is developed based on Semtech’s SX127X chip. It adopts advanced LoRa® spread spectrum modulation frequency hopping technology and high-efficiency receiving sensitivity, which makes its penetration ability and communication distance They are far superior to the current general FSK and GFSK products, and have stronger anti-interference.

3. It has built-in overvoltage protection, overvoltage overcurrent, reverse protection and other functions.

4. It is designed with 2W output power. There are three levels of TTL/RS232/RS485 for choice. The detachable interface design is convenient to use. Industries such as transmission control can be widely used.

This module can work at Mesh network, the module can work as either Node, Router or Node & Router. This working mode can be set by serial command or with our PC software. Also , AES128 and LBT ( Listen before Talk ) are optional to protect the data.

The LoRa Pro series module are compatible with each other in protocol and talk with each other freely.

LoRa6200pro wireless module will soon be available to the market, please stay tuned!

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