NiceRF loraSTAR series star network wireless module new listing
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Dear new and oldcustomers:

NiceRF is proud tointroduce the LoRaStar series wireless serials output modules.It is a newdeveloped productaccording to the principle of star network.The LoRaStar moduleis a wireless data transmission module workingin star network. Setting eachmodule to be node or center or router or node and router via PC software toform a star wireless network. It supports the automatic MESH function,and cancommunicate without blind zone and distance limitation. The module alsoprovides optional features such as AES128 wireless data encryption andLBT(listen before talk) to support more applications. The LoRaStar module isbased on Semte ch's SX127X chip and uses advanced LoRaTM spread spectrummodulation frequencyhopping technology to achieve high sensitivity. It has highertransmission distance and stronger anti-interference .



Star network

Center / node / route / node + route optional

 MESH routing, noblind zone, no distance limitation

LBTListen Before Talkoptional

 AES128 dataencryption optional

 Built-in softwarewatchdog

 Built-in hardwarereset protection

 Multiple transmitpower options (100mW to 5W)

 Diversified serial portparameters

Operatingfrequency band: 433/470/868/915 MHz optional

  LORAmodulation mode

 TTL/232/485 level

 Sensitivity up to-139 dBm

 ESD protection

  Workingtemperature: -40 ~ +85 °C


n Remote control                            nRemote meter reading

n Industrial datacollection              n Home automation telemetry

n Wireless datacommunication      n Access control system

If you want toknow more about the LoRaStar series wireless module, please  go to our official website,links: .If there areproblems, please fell free to contact with us .We will provide you with themost sincere help!!

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