STX885, SRX885 ASK wireless module new listing
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  Our company is proud to introduce the latestASK wireless module STX885 transmitter module and SRX885 receiver module. Theperformance parameters of the 885 series ASK wireless module are better thanthe ASK wireless modules of our 882 and 887 series. The difference will beannounced to everyone.


STX885 ASK wireless module

  The STX885 is a highly integrated, low-cost ASK codedtransmit module that includes the ev1527 digital encoding circuit,high-precision oscillating circuit and power amplifier. The module's operatingfrequency is available in 315MHz and 433MHz. Its integrated high-precisionoscillator provides accurate pulse width accuracy for the system, and the OOKmodulation rate can reach 10kb/s. The design of the two encoding formatsreduces the re-code rate and can generate multi-key composite codes to avoidMisoperation of special buttons. STX885 features small size, low harmonics andhigh stability for all types of wireless remote control systems.

    Operating frequency: 433MHz or 315 MHz(choose one) 

 ■ Integrated ev1527 digital encoding circuit,20-bit internal code, with 2 million encoding capabilities

    Has sleep and fast wake-up function, zerostandby power consumption

 ■  Can pass various internationaltesting standards

 ■ OOK modulation mode, speed up to10kb/s

   Ultra-highpower long distance, reliable and stable frequency, super strong against powerinterference


SRX885 ASK Wireless module

TheSRX885 is a micro power consumption receiver module with RF superheterodynedemodulation. It can be used with our STX series ASK transmitter module. Thisproduct has high stability, anti-interference and high cost performance. Italso has four-way switch output, flexible use, free development,debugging-free, low cost, self-contained decoding, automatic adaptation tovarious codes, automatic learning market. Features such as RF remote control, widelyused in light control switches, wireless doorbells, smart homes, rolling gates,remote control toys, burglar alarms, etc.

 ■ Frequencyrange: 433 / 315 MHz

 ■ Modulationmethod: ASK/OOK

 ■ Canpass various international testing standards

 ■ Superstrong against power interference

 ■ Smallvolume Low self-radiation

 ■ Automaticidentification and learning of common coding methods such as 2262, 1527, 2240

 ■ Fiveoutput modes are available (flip, self-lock, jog, interlock, serial port), LEDstatus setting mode

 ■ Widerange decoding, automatic adaptation to conventional oscillating resistors

 ■ One-buttonemergency shutdown output function

 ■ Canlearn 80 remote control, power down to save information

 ■ Decodingcorresponds to D0-D3 four outputs

 ■ Optionalserial port mode output, baud rate fixed at 9600bps

If you are interested in the TX885, RX885wireless module, or want to know more, you can go to our official website toenter the product model to read it yourself, or you can contact our staff, wewill provide you with the most sincere help.

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