lora1268F30 module new listing
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The LoRa1268F30 is the latest lora module developed by NiceRF based on Semtech's SX1268 chip. Itis an ultra-low-receiving, high-power lora wireless transceiver module. Thelora module uses LoRaTM spread-spectrum modulation frequency hoppingtechnology. Its communication distance and receiving sensitivity are farsuperior to other FSK and GFSK schemes, and its multiple transmission signalsoccupy the same channel can be unaffected, making it highly resistant tointerference, and widely used in remote industrial control industries.application.


Frequency range433/470 MHz

Receive power consumption < 5mA

Sensitivity up to -148dBm @LoRa  

Maximum output power33dBm(2w)@6V

Modulation modeLoRa TM(G)FSK  

Data transfer rate@FSK,0.6-300 Kbps @LoRa TM, 0.018-62.5 Kbps    256 byte FIFO

Application field

■Industrial meter reading    ■Parking lot sensor management

■automated industry           ■Agricultural sensor

■Smart City                         ■Warehouse management

■Street light                         ■Logistics management

■Environmental sensor       ■Health products

■security product                 ■Remote control

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