20-way high-speed concurrent gateway product introduction
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Product introduction:

The 20-wayhigh-speed concurrent gateway is the latest gateway product of our company. Theproduct adopts wireless self-organizing network system. The system usesmulti-channel frequency hopping technology. It consists of a gateway andseveral nodes. It is a high-speed data transmission system and gateway. It canreceive 20 channels of wireless data at the same time. After the internalverification data is correct, it is aggregated to the serial port and output tothe computer. The transmitter automatically selects the idle channeltransmission through carrier monitoring. The system can allow up to 20 transmittersto simultaneously transmit data without Interfere with each other.


                                                         (20-wayhigh-speed concurrent gateway


                                       (1W Nodemodule)                               (5W Nodemodule

Gateway features

1. Thetransmitting end and the gateway automatically form a multi-send and receivenetwork, without network access or pairing operation.

2. Thesystem has a large capacity, and the gateway can accommodate up to 500 nodes.

3. Thegateway can receive concurrent data from 20 transmitters at the same time.

4. Nodepower: 1 watt, 5 watts optional

5. Gatewayvoltage: 12v,

6. Thelongest distance is 8km (5W)

Comparison of 20 high-speed concurrentgateways with other gateways:

   Ordinary  gateway

LoRaWAN  gateway

High  speed concurrent gateway

Number of concurrent channels







Transmission  data delay

According  to system design




Frequency hopping function







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