What are the common application areas of 433m wireless modules?
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     The 433m wireless module is a license-free ISM open frequency band in China. The 433m frequency band is not required to apply for authorization. Therefore, the 433m frequency band is popular in various industries of the domestic Internet of Things. However, the 433m wireless module has strong diffraction ability, long transmission data and strong anti-interference ability, which is the reason why it survives in the Internet of Things market. The application field of the 433m wireless module is also very extensive. Think about wireless to write a few common areas in our lives.

     Smart Home Security Alarm

     What is the most important thing for the present people besides money? It is their own personal safety. Every year, burglary, theft, and even some girls are harmed by their personal safety. Many of these criminals are carried out when the victim is not paying attention. And the smart home security alarm system can give us a reminder in the fastest time. For example, under the security system, criminals can make the first reminder when they steal in the middle of the night. Or there are strangers who often make reminders at the door.

     The RF4438PRO wireless transceiver module uses the Silicon Lab Si4438-C device with a sensitivity of -124dBm and an ultra-low power shutdown mode, which is widely used in smart home security alarms.


     Remote Control

     Everyone is familiar with the remote control. Everyone's daily TV remote control, air conditioner remote control, car key, etc. are all wireless modules that need to be used. Our RF4432X1 small-volume 433m wireless transceiver module is the best choice in the field of remote control. The ultra-small size: 16.0mm*16.0mm, with ultra-low power shutdown mode.


       Remote meter reading

       With the rapid development of the Internet of Things era, the traditional method of manually switching from one to the other, one by one, will be slowly eliminated by this era. Remote meter reading can greatly reduce the human and material resources and time we pay, so intelligence Remote meter reading will become a trend in this field. LoRaF30 high-power wireless 433m wireless module adopts LoRaTM spread spectrum modulation frequency hopping technology, its communication distance and receiving sensitivity are far superior to other FSK and GFSK schemes, and its multiple transmission signals occupy the same channel can be unaffected, so that It has superior anti-interference and is widely used in remote industrial control, remote meter reading and other fields.


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