The High and low temperature test report for Lora6500Pro-433
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1. Product information

Product Number: LoRa6500Pro-433

2. Product test voltage


3. Product test purpose

check if the LoRa6500Pro-433 work properly and the working power meets the requirements under the different industrial temperature environments

     4. Product testing instrument

1. Agilent 8594E spectrum analyzer

2. Temp&Humi Programmable Chamber 

3. Standard DEMO board with serial port, Send and receive data at regular intervals

4. 433MHz,868MHz antenna




    5. Product test method


1. Connect LoRa6500Pro-433 to DEMO board. After power-on, put it into the Chamber and set the temperature to -40°. After the temperature is stable, monitor the actual working frequency of the product with a spectrum analyzer and record it.


2. Put the demo board into the chamber , and another demo board out of the chamber. Both demo board work with the same parameters. And both demo board work in dual way, and LCD display the quantity transmitted and received. And record the result..


3. Change the oven temperature, in turn -40°, -20°, 25°, 60°, 85°, and cycle repeat from step 1 .


① Set the Chamber to -40°.


② Set the Chamber to -20°.

③ Set the Chamber to25°.


④ Set the Chamber to 60°.


⑤ Set the Chamber to 85°.


    6. Qualified product judgment standard

    LoRa6500Pro-433 used crystal with 10PPM, the tolerance of frequency is less than ±5KHz. 

    LoRa6500Pro should work normally at the full temperature range ( - 40 ---+85 c degree ).


   7. Product test conclusion

 Pls see below test data, LoRa6500Pro works without any problem at industrial temperature range.


   8. Product test data

   LoRa6500Pro-433 test data


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