Precautions for installation of sucker antenna

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Communication antennas are ubiquitous in our lives, such as street lamp antennas, home WiFi antennas, lawn sign antennas, etc. Their appearance and shape are various, and they are developing towards beautiful appearance and concealment. NiceRF will focus on the role of the sucker antenna, and what needs to be paid attention to in the installation?


The role of sucker antenna

The sucker antenna is the same as the ordinary antenna, the main function is to radiate and receive radio waves. The sucker antenna is to fix the antenna in a certain place through the suction cup at the bottom to avoid accidents. Because its suction cup base is relatively stable, it is widely used in vehicles. In the wireless module industry, the sucker antenna is often used in conjunction with the wireless module to increase the communication distance of the wireless module.

The working principle of the antenna: when transmitting, it converts high-frequency current into electromagnetic waves; when receiving, it converts electromagnetic waves into high-frequency current.


Sucker antenna installation precautions

The surrounding environment has a great influence on the use of the antenna. It is necessary that there is no blockage by tall buildings nearby, and there is no strong electromagnetic interference in the surrounding space, so that the sucker antenna can radiate and receive distant signals.

When using with the wireless module, the following principles should be paid attention to to ensure the ideal communication distance of the module:

1. The antenna should not be as close to the ground as possible, and the surrounding area should be kept away from obstacles

2. When using the sucker antenna, the lead wire should be straightened as much as possible, and the sucker base should be attached to the metal object.

sucker antenna

To summarize, the role of the sucker antenna is to radiate and receive radio waves. When installing and using the sucker antenna, pay more attention to keeping away from obstacles and straightening the leads, so as to better send and receive signals and achieve the ideal communication distance.

NiceRF focuses on the research and development and production of wireless modules. If customers choose our high-power modules, in order to keep the modules in ideal working condition, it is recommended to use the sucker antenna provided by our company.

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