SA316 Series Audio Transmission Module - Upgraded Transmission Distance with Uncompromised Sound Quality

By sdga:

SA316 is an audio transmission module developed by NiceRF for long-distance transmission. With an audio sampling rate of 48K and a transmission distance of up to 200 meters, it meets a wide range of user needs. To further extend the transmission distance, NiceRF has introduced the SA316F30. This enhanced version maintains the same 48K sampling rate and -96dBm sensitivity, but significantly extends the transmission distance to 1500 meters.

The SA316F30, like the SA316, can be paired with the audio receiver module SA316-RX to form a complete long-distance audio transmission solution. This series utilizes high-quality wireless voice transmission chips and supports external PCM/IIS dual-mode digital audio interfaces. Additionally, the module provides a standardized serial interface, allowing users to easily and quickly set parameters such as transmission frequency, volume, and microphone gain through serial commands. The stamp hole design facilitates embedding, making it widely applicable in scenarios with high audio quality requirements.


This upgrade of the SA316 series audio module's transmission distance retains the characteristics of low power consumption, small size, high fidelity, and low latency of the SA316. The receiving audio output, like the SA316, has a latency of less than 3ms, and the data is encrypted with 32-bit input.


SA316F30 Product Features

UHF frequency band:868 MHz

UHF frequency band:500~980 MHz

VHF frequency band:160~270 MHz

The transmission distance is 200 meters in the open area

Receiving sensitivity: -96 dBm

Audio signal to noise ratio: 96 dB

Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 KHz

The delay from microphone input to audio output is less than 3ms

Digital modulation method: pi/4 DQPSK

Occupied bandwidth: <300 KHz

Transmission rate 204.8 Ksps

Sampling rate: 48 KHz

In summary, the SA316 series has seen a significant improvement in transmission distance, reaching up to 1500 meters. This makes the SA316F30 more attractive for a wider range of applications, such as large conference rooms, performance venues, and sports stadiums, where long-distance audio transmission is required.


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