NiceRF LoRa-MESH Series Network Transceiver Modules
Date:2017/5/16 2:43:50   Browse:987

  LORA-MESH series network transceiver  module are ultra long distance network data transceiver modules, which adopts the high performance Semtech SX1276/1278 Chip. They have NODE and ROUTER working modes, can be as smart repeaters automatically. It is easy to build network without blind area or distance limitation.

  When used as repeater, just put the module in the area where the signal is weak to extend the range. To avoid the interference, LORA-MESH provides 40 frequency channels. LORA-MESH is flexible but easy to use.It comes with many parameters, such as: frequency, data rate, output power, Node ID. Users can configure the parameters through PC or customer’s own device.

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