New Product: UWB3000 Series High Precision, Long-Range Two-Way Positioning UWB Modules

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

The UWB3000 series includes two models, the UWB3000F00 and UWB3000F20, which are low-power, cost-effective, single-chip ultra-wideband UWB modules developed by NiceRF using Qorvo's DW3000 IC series. The UWB300F27 is a high-power module with 27dBm (500mW) output, which includes an LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) for achieving two-way communication, ranging, and positioning over distances up to 1.5 kilometers (in open space). The UWB300F00 has a 0dBm output, capable of two-way communication, ranging, and positioning up to 60 meters (in open space).




Features of UWB3000F00/UWB3000F20:

  • F00 supports channels 5 and 9 (6489.6 MHz and 7987.2 MHz), while F20 supports channel 5 (6489.6MHz).
  • Data rates of 850kbps and 6.8Mbps, respectively.
  • Packet length can be up to 1023 bytes.
  • Supports two-way ranging; F20 supports long-distance (up to 1.5 kilometers in open space), TDoA, and PDoA positioning schemes.
  • Ranging and positioning are achieved in a short time, enabling very low average power consumption, suitable for battery-powered applications.

Comparison of the UWB3000 series with other positioning products: UWB is different from traditional communication technologies as it achieves wireless transmission by sending and receiving ultra-narrow pulses with durations of nanoseconds or microseconds. Due to the extremely short pulse width, the spectrum occupied is very broad. Other performance comparisons of UWB are as follows:



From the table above, it can be seen that the positioning accuracy of WiFi, ZigBee, and Bluetooth is not sufficient, with large errors. RFID technology is difficult to achieve two-dimensional positioning and can only be used for entry and exit recognition. In addition, in terms of transmission rate, UWB can reach 6.8Mbps, which is a speed that other technologies find hard to achieve, such as Bluetooth which is generally at 1Mbps. Compared to other wireless communication technologies, UWB has advantages such as high-precision positioning, high data rates, strong penetration, low power consumption, and strong anti-interference capabilities.


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The UWB3000 series showcases its application advantages and scenario uses by enabling high-precision, high-rate indoor positioning. Utilizing ultra-wideband pulse signals for positioning, its time-domain resolution is exceptionally high, capable of achieving centimeter-level accuracy, which is more precise than other positioning technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth, and RFID. UWB indoor positioning technology uses ultra-wideband signals for communication and positioning, featuring high data transfer rates capable of reaching Gbps levels. It can be applied in real-time positioning applications for individuals in industries such as security monitoring, hospitals, nursing homes, and mines.

With low power consumption and strong anti-interference capabilities, the technology ensures long-term stable operation of devices. In indoor environments, signals often encounter multipath interference issues, leading to instability in signal transmission. However, UWB indoor positioning technology has excellent multipath interference resistance, reducing signal interference and thus improving the stability and accuracy of positioning. It is suitable for smart homes, smart healthcare, smart offices, and other fields.

The system has a large capacity and can accommodate many tags working simultaneously, which allows for high capacity. The bandwidth used by UWB positioning technology is typically 500MHz and above, resulting in very short durations for each UWB signal sent. An increase in bandwidth significantly enhances channel capacity far beyond the effect of increased signal power, which is the theoretical rationale behind the introduction of ultra-wideband technology. This can be used in fields such as nursing homes and prisons.

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