Long-Distance Audio Transmission Wireless Module | Application of the SA316 Audio Module in Wireless Speakers

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 Abstract: The application of Think Wireless SA316 audio wireless module in wireless speakers. SA316 is designed with a high-quality 48K sampling rate voice transmission chip. This wireless speaker solution offers four adjustable power levels, a maximum transmission distance of up to 1.8 kilometers, support for 40 channel adjustments, one-to-many mode, low latency of less than 3ms, and more. SA316 audio wireless module also provides customized services and product certification support.

The demand for wireless speakers in the market continues to grow, driven by consumers' pursuit of portability and improved quality of life. With the widespread adoption of wireless technology, users can easily connect wireless speakers to various audio source devices, making them a common choice for outdoor activities, travel, and social gatherings. The requirements for audio wireless modules in wireless speakers have evolved beyond wireless transmission methods to include higher functionality demands, such as transmission distance, latency, and multifunctional quick-access design modes.

Allow me to provide a brief introduction to a case study featuring the NiceRF SA316 audio wireless module in wireless speakers. The NiceRF SA316 series includes the SA316-TX transmitter module and the SA316-RX receiver module. This solution incorporates a high-quality 48K sampling rate voice transmission chip and supports external PCM/IIS dual-mode digital audio interfaces. Furthermore, the module offers standardized serial interfaces, enabling users to easily configure parameters such as transmission and reception frequencies, sound volume, and microphone gain through serial commands. This versatility makes it well-suited for applications that demand high audio quality.

The wireless speaker solution involves the SA316-TX transmitter module, which connects to an audio input, supporting both line-in and microphone inputs. The SA316-RX receiver module connects to the speaker, enabling effortless wireless audio transmission. This wireless audio solution offers a 48K sampling rate and low latency of 3ms, ensuring high-quality audio transmission. It is also suitable for long-distance audio transmission. In terms of operation, users can adjust transmission power and volume levels via buttons to meet the requirements of different environments, with parameter settings displayed intuitively on the screen.

Features of the SA316 Wireless Speaker Solution:

Adjustable with 40 channels, allowing multiple devices to operate simultaneously.

Four adjustable transmission power levels: 10mW/100mW/500mW/1W, achieving a maximum transmission distance of up to 1.8 kilometers in open areas.

One-to-many mode, where a single transmitter module can correspond to multiple receiver modules, with no limitation on the number of receiver modules.

Low latency, with a delay of less than 3ms from audio or microphone input to audio output.

Performance Specifications of the SA316 Audio Wireless Module:

UHF Frequency Range: 868 MHz, 500-980 MHz; VHF Frequency Range: 160-270 MHz

Data Rate: 204.8 Ksps; Digital Modulation: π/4 DQPSK

Frequency Response: 20 Hz-20 KHz; Occupied Bandwidth: < 300 KHz

Receiver Sensitivity: -96 dBm; Audio Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 96 dB; Sampling Rate: 48 KHz

NiceRF provides differentiated customization services and various international product certification services to cater to different overseas markets.

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