EFR32 SOC Arm Cortex 4 & High Sensitivity DSSS Transceiver Module is coming soon


Dear customers:

In March 2021, NiceRF launched a new SOC Arm Cortex 4 & High Sensitivity DSSS Transceiver Module EFR32.

Low-power, high-performance, small-size wireless communication module EFR32

The EFR32 module is developed based on SILICON’s EFR32FG14 Flex Gecko chip. It uses DSSS modulation and high-efficiency receiving sensitivity, making its penetration capability and communication distance far beyond the current FSK and GFSK products. EFR32FG14 is a 32-bit ARM®Cortex®-M4 core chip with ultra-high-speed wake-up time, integrated scalable power amplifier and wireless transceiver, maximum operating frequency of 40MHz, 128 KB of flash memory and 16 KB of running memory.


The EFR32 module uses a wireless transceiver and MCU two-in-one chip, Silabs privde library for RF operation, which greatly accelerates the development progress. NiceRF provide the demo kit and demo code for this module.



  • Sleep current is less than 3.5uA
  • Integrated wireless transceiver and microprocessor on chip
  • Transparent data transmission
  • Data CRC check
  • Built-in hardware protection circuit
  • Receiving sensitivity up to -120dBm
  • Ultra long distance: more than 4km@1.2Kbps
  • Easy to develop
  • Integrated 2 operational amplifiers
  • 12-bit 1Msps sampling high-speed and high-precision SARADC
  • Two 16-bit timers/counters
  • 1 32-bit timer/counter
  • 1 32-bit RTC timer
  • 2 watchdog timers
  • 16 general-purpose I/O pins
  • 128K bytes Flash memory
  • 16K bytes RAM memory
  • 2 UART standard communication interface
  • 1 LPUART low-power communication interface
  • Working temperature range: -40℃~+85℃
  • 1.8V-3.8V power supply
  • Integrated power amplifier, the highest transmit power is 22.9 dBm (Sub-GHz)
  • Supports multiple transmission protocols such as DSSS, GFSK, OOK, MSK, etc.



  • Home and building automation and security
  • Commercial and retail lighting and sensing
  • Automated industry
  • Remote meter reading
  • Electronic shelf label


EFR32 SOC Arm Cortex 4 & High Sensitivity DSSS Transceiver Module will soon be available to the market, so stay tuned!