Application of BLE module in forest rescue system

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Bluetooth wireless technology is the most widely supported, feature-rich and secure wireless standard on the market today.

The Bluetooth module integrated with Bluetooth technology has been widely applied ; With the development of Bluetooth technology, low power consumption, small size and low-cost chip solutions enable BLE modules to be used even in extremely small devices.

The BLE module is not only used in our daily life, but also plays an important role in the forest rescue system.


Application of BLE module in forest rescue system

The forest rescue system is divided into a soldier and a gateway. The BLE module BLE5101 acts on the gateway and establishes data transmission with the LLCC68 LoRa module LoRa6100II. The soldier sends its own GPS positioning data, altitude data, temperature sensor data and rescuer's human body status data to LoRa6100II, LoRa6100II sends the data through the radio frequency antenna, and the LoRa6100II on the gateway sends the received data to BLE5101, as long as the upper establishes a Bluetooth connection with BLE5101, it can receive the data uploaded by the system.

Schematic diagram of BLE module used in forest rescue system

The upper receives the data, can monitor the situation of forest rescuers in real time, and can issue commands, which are forwarded to LoRa6100II through BLE5101, so that the individual soldier can receive the command and execute it.


Features of BLE Module BLE5101:

1. Stable data transmission, BLE module BLE5101 is based on BLE 5.1 protocol, with long transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability to ensure data stability.

2. Low power consumption, BLE5101 sleep current can reach below 8uA.

3. Support over-the-air(OTA) upgrade, the OTA upgrade of BLE5101 is simple and will not affect the operation of the entire system.


Advantages of BLE module used in forest rescue system:

1. Flexible networking: applications can be implemented with only simple configurations.

2. One-to-many: One gateway device can connect up to 50 individual soldiers, which is more than enough in practical applications.

3. Customizable: It can realize specific function customization according to the actual needs of customers.

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